Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how we handle and protect your personal data in relation to Roseyar’s business activities. This applies to conferences, events and customer services on websites, or any apps and messages that posts a link to this privacy policy (collectively referred to as "sites").

The information we collect

  • Rosyar collects personal data from its commercial activities, including those related to some customer services. We also collect your personal data in certain pages on the sites when you register or apply for jobs through the Rosyar recruitment portal and/or create a user profile, and/or register to receive newsletters and alerts published by Rosyear through the website and/or participate in the publishing and posting sections that are available to public users (such as bulletin boards, discussion forums, and surveys). The personal data collected varies and may include the information you provide, such as your name, mail address, email address, phone number, fax number, and background information required to apply for a job.
  • We may automatically collect information about the devices you use to interact with our sites. The information we collect automatically may include your IP address, device ID, web browser, and browsing information collected through connection identification files, pixels, and other similar technologies (collectively referred to as "connection identification files and other tracking technologies”). We may also automatically collect information about how you use our sites, such as what you searched for and what you have viewed where the information collected is automatically linked to any personal data you have provided.
  • Roseyar may collect personal data on you from third parties, such as data agencies or data collectors, we may merge this data with the information we have about you or use it independently for our normative comparison and data analysis activities (examples include: analysis of recruitment practices at one area, detection of fraud patterns with respect to financial transactions, and level of interaction in retail environments). We will always strive to reverify that the third party has informed you in advance of its use, and Roseyar use, of this data.

Use of information

  • Roseyar uses your personal data to meet your requests for information; process your requests; customize the content on its websites; evaluate and improve our services; send news releases and alerts to you; recruit and evaluate applicants; analyze the performance and function of sites; publish your letters or comments to the editor; prevent fraud; enforce our conditions of employment; comply with all applicable laws and obligations; enforce the agreements made by Roseyar; and fulfill other purposes in relations to that. In some cases, it may be necessary to collect personal data to operate the sites, or we may use it when conducting our commercial activities, including certain customer services. For example, with the aim of providing specific services or products such as benchmarking products, we may combine personal data and/or analyze it to evaluate and provide content and services most relevant to you. We may also keep your personal data on file and use it to contact you.
  • Rosyear and its service providers may use first- and third-party linkage identification files and other tracking techniques, including web signals, to manage its sites and services and collect analyses on how to use them. The company and its service providers may also collect information about opening or clicking on any links that contain information messages, events or alerts that we send to you. The information in this privacy policy regarding cookies also applies to these other tracking technologies. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more details about our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.
  • Our websites do not track you by collecting personal data about your online activities or from third-party websites or online services, and therefore we do not change the response to our data collection and use practices in response to “do not track” signals sent from web browsers.

Use of information collected via mobile devices

  • Roseyar (in relation to its smart device applications) may use third-party service providers to analyze user activity to fix application bugs, monitor their use, and improve their performance.
  • The Roseyar app provides a personalized list of recommendations called “Insights” to help direct you to the Roseyar content that we think you will find worthwhile. These recommendations are based on what you have selected in the “Insights” only, and the unique user ID created by the app helps customize your app experience. It tracks the products and publications you read in the app, and we do not share your history or trends and patterns of use with other users or any third parties (any people or entities that are not affiliated companies or third-party service providers for Roseyar)

The legal basis for our processing of your personal information Treatment of your personal data for the above purposes is based on

  • Our legitimate business interests in promoting and protecting Roseyar, building and maintaining relationships, hiring, and providing our services.
  • Your consent. For example, once you create a user identification file or subscribe to the news releases or alerts, we provide support for our web operations, such as for understanding and improving your experience on our websites.
  • Compliance with the law when information is necessary to meet our legal or regulatory obligations.

International data recipients and transfers

  • Personal data collected during commercial activities for Roseyar, including those in relation to some customer services, in addition to data collected on the sites, may be transferred to affiliates and subsidiary companies of Roseyar and their employees across our organization and to third-party service providers located throughout the world. This includes countries where local law may give you limited rights compare to those you have in your country. In addition, data may be displayed and hosted by Roseyar and our third-party service providers anywhere in the world. Whenever the law requires such display of data, we have put in place legal mechanisms that ensure adequate protection of your personal data that our subsidiaries and affiliates and our third-party service providers deal with, and it includes the transfer of your personal data to countries other than those in which you reside. If you would like more information about these legal mechanisms, please contact us at the address listed below. By using the websites and providing information on any of them, you voluntarily consent to this information being transferred and hosted externally.
  • Roseyar will not disclose (and will take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized or unintended disclosure) your personal data or knowingly transfer it to third parties without your consent or as permitted by law, whether for marketing purposes of these third parties or otherwise, except for the following: Roseyar may provide access to your personal data to third-party service providers with whom you interact to provide services related to the sites in addition to services related to Roseyar business activities, including some customer services, as agreed in the customer service agreements.
  • We implement processes aimed at ensuring that any personal data processing performed by third-party service providers is consistent with this privacy policy and that it provides protection for the confidentiality of your personal data, guarantees its availability, and ensures its integrity.
  • We can share your personal data with third-party service providers who perform services and jobs on our behalf to support our interactions with you, including: processing recruitment materials, conducting questionnaires or competitions, or communicating with you.
  • We may disclose any information about you if we are required to do so by law or law enforcement authorities or other government officials; when we believe that the disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent bodily harm, financial loss, or in connection with the investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity; if disclosure is necessary to protect a person's vital interests, to enforce our terms of use, to protect our property, services and legal rights, to prevent fraud against Roseyar and/or our affiliates, subsidiaries and/or business partners; to support audit, compliance and corporate governance functions; or to comply with all applicable laws.
  • We may disclose or transfer your personal data in case all or any part of our business is merged, sold, shared, transferred, or dissolved.

User Forums

  • You should be aware that once you publicly disclose information on the internet, this information may be collected and used by others.
  • Roseyar bears no responsibility for any third-party action or policy that collects information publicly disclosed by users.

Links to third-party websites

  • Roseyar provides links to third-party websites or information as a service for our users, and if these links are used, they might go to pages outside our website (external websites). These links do not form or express the support, sponsorship or recommendation of Roseyar to the third party to which the links lead or its electronic presence, nor with the information contained therein. Roseyar will not assume any responsibility or obligation with respect to your use of these links, and such use shall be subject to the policies of the external links hosting websites.

Social networks

  • The Roseyar sites allow you to log into your accounts on social networks including, but not limited to, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube and link them to Roseyar. Also, our sites may allow you to log in to your Roseyar account using some of the credentials of your social media account.
  • By linking your account on the social networking site with Roseyar, or logging into the Roseyar account using the credentials of your account on the social networking site, you give us permission to access your information that you have made available in your public profile on this social media site. The information available in your public profile varies according to the social media sites and the settings that you set, but generally it may include your email address, your real name, the profile picture, the gender and the site, and we use the information we receive from your account on the social networking site in accordance with the terms of use for that site and this privacy policy.
  • Please refer to the privacy settings in your social media account for information about the data that is shared with Roseyar and other associated applications, and to manage the data that is shared through your account, including information about your activities using our sites. If you wish to disconnect your account from social media accounts, refer to the settings of the social media account and its provider.


  • Roseyar has implemented acceptable standards of technological and operational security to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Access to personal data is provided only to its employees and third-party service providers authorized by Roseyar, who are obliged to deal with this information in secret.
  • A comprehensive survey of the entire online store is periodically conducted to detect security gaps and known weaknesses to make your visit to our site as safe as possible and keep your data.
  • Your personal information is collected behind secure networks and can only be accessed by a limited number of people who have a special access pass to such systems. These people are also required to keep information confidential, plus all credit card information/sensitive information is encoded by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Data Retention

  • Roseyar keeps personal data as necessary for the duration of relevant business relationships, and we can also keep personal data for longer from the period of the business relationship when needed to protect ourselves against legal claims or to use them for the purpose of analysis or preservation of historical records, or to comply with our information management policies and schedules. If you ask us to delete your personal data, Roseyar will make reasonable attempts to delete all cases of information in their entirety. Regarding requests for access, correction or deletion of information, please refer to the "Your Rights" section of the privacy policy.


  • Roseyar sites are not designed or targeted at children aged 13 or under and do not intentionally collect or keep personal data of those under the age of 14.

Roseyar Recruitment Portal/Roseyar Recruitment Program/website

  • Through the Roseyar Recruitment Portal, you can apply for positions with Roseyar or register for the Roseyar Employment Program, through which you can be notified of any potential job opportunity or any other similar opportunities that may match your interests. The Employment Privacy Notice describes in detail how Roseyar and its subsidiaries and affiliates handle the personal data they collect in connection with the recruitment process and how they protect it.


  • If you have subscribed to a service to receive newsletters or alerts, or if you have received invitations from Roseyar to take a survey or attend events and prefer not to receive messages from us in the future, please review the message settings in your profile on, follow the instructions on the website page in which you submitted them, or send a message to to unsubscribe from all Roseyar online services. 

Consent / Changes to Privacy Policy

  • By using the website, you agree to our data collection, use and storage of your personal information in the manner described in this privacy policy and anywhere else on the site. We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time, and we will notify you of any of these changes. We also will notify you in case we have made fundamental changes to this privacy policy that can increase our rights to use the personal data we previously collected about you, and we will seek your consent, either by sending a message to your registered email address or by publishing information about the changes in a prominent position on our website.
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Roseyar Factory

We are the first factory that targets Saudi females specialized in the manufacturing of perfume and body care products.

What distinguishes us?

We are the first factory that relies on a workforce of Saudi females, devoted to the field of perfumes. Our workers are the best in providing these luxury products by following international and modern standards in manufacturing and packaging materials. And we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for quality.